Fritz Cam – Face Recognition Smart Retail

Fritz Cam – Face Recognition Smart Retail

Fritz cam is a face recognition part of AWASIN’s biometrics technology applied in security system of eye. In its own application face recognition uses a camera to capture a person’s face then compared to a face that has previously been stored in a particular database. Face recognition is a computer technology that allows us to identify or verify a person’s face through a digital image. The trick is to match the texture of our facial curves with facial data stored in the database.

Face Recognition generally involves two stages:

  1. Face Detection, where photos are searched to find the face (in the image of a rectangular green box), then image processing cleans the face image for easy recognition.
  2. Face Recognition, where the face is detected and processed compared to the known face database, to decide who the person is (in the image ie red text).

Fritz cam bringing inovation for smart retail, Benefit :

  • Rececognize face when they enter your store !
  • Reward face visits
  • Greet face by name

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