Build Your Own Object Detection Easily With AWASIN AI Vision!


Many  applications worldwide inspect billions of products each day, many products that simply could not be manufactured without machine vision technology. It is a waste of time, effort, and cost.

AI technology and computer vision promise significant growth opportunities, if unmatched services are provided at a low cost. Market research and analysis reveals that there is tremendous growth potential in the Indonesian market and AWASIN will penetrate it quickly. Market and business analysis shows that the business is safe and presents profitable investment opportunities.

All things related to your business statistics & consumer behavior can be left to you by ai-Business technology from AWASIN. So you can sharpen your focus on business development, expansion, product addition, internal management performance improvement, and many other things that you really need to handle.

AI Quality Inspection

Small, Simple yet Impactful


AI-Vision is a visual technology product for monitoring a number of parameters over humans. AI Quality Inspection is a system built to carry out checks in the packaging and packing process in factories, especially in the FMCG industry automatically. This visual inspection system also uses  Deployment Kit as its deep learning programming library.

By utilizing the latest technology, we offer be able to increase customer satisfaction and will impact on better production.

 If there are other needs, please consult with us.